Design and production
of long-range VTOL UAVs

Professional rotorcrafts for aerial photography
in difficult weather conditions

Long-range VTOL drones for professionals

"Optiplane" drones combine the advantages of plane and multirotor modes. 

Example of Optiplane S2 in industry

Power lines monitoring by Optiplane S2
Geodesy and mining with Optiplane S2
Optiplane S2
Compact electric VTOL UAV.
Type «Rotorcraft».

Model Optiplane S2 
Range up to 40 km 
Flight duration 60 min 
Speed 0 - 65 km/h (0 - 18 m/s) 
Weight 3,7 kg 
Payload 1,5 kg 
Battery 10 000 mAh 
Operating Temperature -27 … +35 C 
Ceiling 3000 m 
Dimensions 140*82*35 cm 
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